Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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John Milstead - Sides of the Soul
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John MilsteadSometimes you can tell where an artist is from simply by listening to their music.  That could be said of John Milstead, who hails from the state of the Mississippi.  The Tupelo native has released an album that is pretty much incredible.  In fact, the album is a little more than what you would expect from a “new” artist, as Milstead has what is called an “old soul.”

From the opening cut, “Hold Me Like You Mean It,” all the way through to the end of the album, there is not one piece of filler anywhere to be heard of on this album.  Whether he is moody and reflective, as he is on the afore-mentioned cut, or whether he struts his stuff---like on “Your Crime,” he shows that he is an artist of the first magnitude.

Probably my favorites on the disc are the ballads, where he showcases a vocal approach that is as good as any artist on pop radio today.  “Heartaches Like You” is proof of this, as is “Easy Goodbye” and the jaw-dropping “Head Over Heels.” I could write more words about Milstead, but that would prolong the amount of time that you would be without this album, and that truly would be a dis-service.  Even Simon Cowell would have no complaints!

by Chuck Dauphin
Music News Nashville
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