Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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John Milstead is an artist you should not miss hearing live.  From a sound that mixes pop,rock,and soul, and a live vocal that is unbelievable.  What else would you expect from a guy who lives down the street from where Elvis was born and raised, Tupelo,Ms.  John is currently working on his new EP which releases this fall- while is first album "Sides of the Soul" makes it's debut onto Pandora Radio, and has sold over 3,000 copies in a short time.  All of the album was written, produced, and performed by Milstead.

Rarely does a debut album/demo by an independent artist sound as compelling as John Milstead’s debut offering, Sides of the Soul.  Heavily influenced by the likes of Sam Cooke and Don Henley, and true to his Tupelo roots, Milstead’s music is the perfect blend of pop, country and soul.  Growing up in Tupelo, Milstead was always around soul and gospel music, and found a way to weave those influences into his own music, always adding a twist of classic soul to his own pop melodies. ... view full article

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